Best Surfing Around at Olivia Beach

When taking a trip to Lincoln City, one can find so many different things to do for all ages! Visitors can take a load off and relax at our local casino, learn glass blowing, search for antiques in our many antique malls, or if someone is feeling adventurous the beach is the perfect place to make new discoveries!

Lincoln City stretches from Siletz Bay, which is in the southern end of Lincoln City and ends just north of Cascade Head. Between these unique locations are many small communities that make up Lincoln City. One community, in particular, is the Nelscott District. The Nelscott community was been around since the 1920’s and will continue to be a large part of the Lincoln City heritage, do you know why?

Oregon Coast Ocean Reef - Surfing

These waves aren’t the standard ones we see every day but some of the largest surfable waves you will see on the coast.  If you’re a beginner and have never been on the water, there are many surf shops and other locations that offer surf lessons. Make sure you have some skills when heading out to Nelscott reef! Zuhg Life Surf Shop is located right next to the Olivia Beach office and is the perfect place to start if you crave the waves, with boards for rent and sale and all of the knowledge you’re seeking.

If you’re not much of a surfer but want to see some of the largest waves on the West coast, the reef is home to the Nelsott Reef Big Wave Classic. An event that is held every year around March. Since Nelscott Reef is a natural event no one is aware when it is going to happen but there is a website to help, Nelscott Big Wave Classic. On this website you will find a flashing red light, this means Nelscott reef is normal and nothing unusual is happening. When the yellow starts flashing surfers pack up their gear and head to Lincoln City. It’s a one day event where surfers all over the world come and surf the great Oregon coast.

Well, Nelscott has a secret. From first glance, the waves and the sand look like any normal beach, but wait! There are coral reefs! These reefs create a perfect location for our local and new surfers. The Nelscott reef forms a shore break, created by the presence of rocks and coral reef underneath the water, which are ideal for making waves.

Olivia Beach is located in the very heart of Nelscott and is the best place to stay while enjoying our fantastic waves!

In the mood to hit the waves? Check out Surf City at Olivia Beach to make it a fully awesome weekend!

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