Solar Eclipse at Bella and Olivia Beach in 2017!

Many people come to the Oregon coast for different reasons. To escape their everyday stresses, build memories with their family, or connect back with nature. From walking with your toes in the sand to taking a hike through the deep forest, the coast seems to always bring the soul back to its roots. Next year the Oregon coast will be lucky to witness an amazing natural phenomenon. The weekend of August 19th, 2017 the Oregon coast will be front and center for a total solar eclipse!

Solar Eclipse Diagram

There are two different types of eclipses and the one happening on August 21st will be a Solar Eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs during a new moon when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun and the three celestial bodies form a straight line. The last time a solar eclipse passed over a continent was about 38 years ago and before that 56 years, so one can see why it’s so important!

Interested in being front and center for this unique event? Lincoln City and Depoe Bay have many different beach locations that will be perfect for families to witness this rare occasion. On Monday morning the 21st grab your beach chair, snacks, eclipse glasses, and find your spot on the beach. The eclipse is said to start at 8:30 am but the experts say to show up a couple hours early so that one can witness the whole experience. From the start of the sun being covered by the moon to darkness will be 1 minute and 58.5 seconds. Not only will it be dark but the temperature will drop a noticeable amount and many birds will stop chirping.

If you haven’t made your vacation plans for the eclipse you better hurry, this spectacular event will not happen again for another 20 years!

Cape Cod Cutie is our last Bella Beach house available! Bella Beach is smack dab in the center of the path of this incredible solar eclipse, so reserve Cape Cod Cutie now!

Wait before you leave, here are a couple different Solar Eclipse pins on Pinterest!