Depoe Bay - Bella Beach

Depoe Bay, Oregon is nestled along the north central region of the Oregon Coast about 2.5 hours from Portland. Known for its small town charm, Depoe Bay is also known for being an excellent whale watching hot spot. Discover all the reasons why you should visit Bella Beach in Depoe Bay. 

The Perfect Harbor from the Storm

It’s storm season here at the coast, which means it’s the most wonderful time of the year and Bella Beach is showing off its beauty in a very special way. There is no better place to enjoy the raging storm from a comfy seat by the fireplace at one of our cozy homes. Learn More

The Perfect Escape From the Heat!

Another summer kite festival has come and gone here at the Oregon Coast! If you visited us to beat the heat, I'm sure you found that you were able to! With an average high of 65 degrees here, Bella Beach is the perfect place to do just that!  Learn More
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