Lets Go Fly A Kite

June 5, 2016 | by Lindsey Kincaid
Windstock Kite Festival 2016 Logo

Have you Have you ever stood on the beach, looked up and seen a dragon gliding in the ocean breeze? Well now is your chance! Lincoln City is getting ready to release the wind dancers in its 32nd annual summer kite festival. This year the festival theme is Windstock 2016, so don your best tie-dye apparel and get ready to get groovy.
Tiger Kite Lincoln City Windstock Kite Festival
Photo Credit: The Light Farm

This colorful event is held on June 25th – 26th at the D-River wayside in the heart of Lincoln City. Every year, visitors dip their toes in the sand and gaze up at hundreds of different kites.

You might be thinking, kites? Who still plays with those? Well, we do! Who wouldn’t want to see kites the size of blimps soaring overhead or see your little ones enjoying the treasures the nearby tide pools hold? This event isn’t just for the children, it is perfect for the kid at heart.The Running of the Bols is held every year and is a race where each team runs as fast as they can while dragging a circular kite behind them. See below for a short video of the race from 2010.

Don’t have your own kite? Well, that’s perfect because there is a kite building workshop at the festival where you can learn to make your very own kite! If you’d rather someone else do the work for you,  Lincoln City is full of shops selling unique kites for all ages.
Whale Kite Windstock Festival Lincoln City OR
Photo Credit: Coast Explorer Magazine

The Lincoln City Kite Festival attracts people from all over and is fun for everybody! Parking is limited, so a shuttle is available from the Lincoln City Outlet Mall.
Lincoln City Kite Festival
Olivia Beach is just a few minutes from the D-River Wayside and is the perfect place to stay while enjoying 
Windstock 2016!
To fully enjoy the kite festival check out…Beach Bunker and the Fox Hole at Olivia Beach!
Beach Bunker & the Fox Hole Exterior  Beach Bunker & the Fox Hole Living Room  Beach Bunker & the Fox Hole Master Bedroom Beach Bunker & the Fox Hole Game Room  Beach Bunker & the Fox Hole Twin Beds  Beach Bunker & the Fox Hole Kitchen

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